Best Webcam Software For Windows & Mac You Can Use


Looking for the best webcam software that can record your activities in highly quality format then download any of the listed webcam software window 8.1 and windows 10 computers come with inbuilt webcam software that is enough to capture high-quality videos and photos. However, having a professional webcam software is always beneficial as this software offer much more features like options for special effects, filters, adding frames, emoticons, gadgets, chats and much more.

12 Best Webcam Software For Windows And Mac 

I believe webcam are the best selfie cameras and you must have one such webcam software. So read below and download any of these webcam suits.

1. Cyber Link Youcam 7

Best Webcam Software # 1
Cyber link YouCam 7 is undoubtedly the best premium webcam software that comes with face beautifier tools, over 200 fun effects available for recordings and video chats. Moreover, the cyber link you cam 7 offers simple to use and interactive interface.
  • Over 200 fun and interesting special effects for video chats.
  • Special effects and filter for video recording projects.
  • You can add frames and scenes to spice up your video and pictures.
  • Choose face tracking accessories, like the animated emoticons and smiles.
  • You can enhance your photos using different kinds of brushes, colors, etc.
  • Photo preset feature lets you adjust the mood of the picture to give it more artistic feel and look.
A new feature has been added, called the facial recognition technology and suite of beautifying tools, that automatically detects face color and brightness and let you remove imperfections and make subtitle enhancement.
Cyber Link YouCam 7 also act like an HDR software as it real time skin smoother reduces visible blemishes.
Leave all such recording and editing features aside, what I loved about CyberLink YouCam 7 the most are its security and privacy features. The software has a feature called surveillance Mode that works on motion detection technology. That means your computer and webcam will fiction or a home security system. There is an option to set up time-lapse recording that turns on the surveillance mode. Additionally, there is face login and face out feature lets you log in you into the window when you present your face before the webcam.
So guys if you’re looking for all in one solution for all webcam recording needs then go ahead and grab this software.
Give it a try, as YouCam 7 essential is free under 30- day trial period.
Supported Platform:- Windows 8, 10, 8.1, Vista
2. ManyCam 4.1
Best Webcam Software #2
Want to make funny yahoo / Skype calls then go ahead and download ManyCam 4.1. It’s a freemium webcam recorder good for people looking for easy and not so advanced webcam software despite being a freeware ManyCam offers plethora of features like
  • You can use Skype MSN upstream and other webcam and audio programs simultaneously.
  • To make your video funny, you can add microphone audio effects. Moreover, Manycam makes you. Microphone and headset audio quality sound better.
  • ManyCam adds text or draws over your line, video broadcast.
  • ManyCam 4.1 can also be used as a screen recorder software to screencast live, to live.
  • It’s YouTube integration feature would help video bloggers to stream live videos on YouTube.
  • The PNP (picture in the picture) feature let’s you screencast your desktop white showing yourself in a smaller video within that window.
All in all, ManyCam is worth having, besides this, you can switch between different video sources and create your own custom webcam effects to amaze your audience. Even if you are not satisfied, you can upgrade to many cam pro and many cam enterprise version that would cost you $49.95 and $14995 respectively.
Supported Platform:- Windows XP, vista, 7, 8.1, Mac OS x 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 10.10

3. iGlasses

Best Webcam Software #3
A simple but worth having webcam software for Mac. iGlasses adds amazing visual effects and filters to your webcam. Unlike other mentioned webcam tools, I glass is quite minimalistic in terms of feature. The best thing about I glass is that it has a pretty simple interface quite easy to use. So let me list out what you can do with iglass webcam software.
  • You can integrate it with Skype and Facebook video chats.
  • Improve brightness and color contrast while having video chat.
  • You Can add fun effects and choose from 50 3D effects.
You can try out its free version and later upgrade to premium service that costs $19.95 for a lifetime subscription.
Supported Platform: – Mac OS X 10.6 or newer.

4. SplitCam


Best Webcam Software #4
SplitCam is two in one solution, as it can act as a webcam software as well as live video streaming software I believe it’s the best free webcam software available that has premium like feature. SplitCam is capable of producing high-quality videos, better audio output, and picture quality.
Features And Benefits
  • Lots of webcam effects to choose from.
  • Video splitting to several programs.
  • One of the cool webcam effects is a 3D mask, that replaces your head with a virtual head of any animal or other creature, and the virtual head makes the movement on behalf of your head.
  • Integration with Skype, YouTube, Facebook, AOL, Gtalk and many more services.
  • HD video broadcasting and live streaming to popular services.
So go ahead and download this free webcam software.
Supported Platform: – Windows 7,8, P and vista.

5. YouCam

Best Webcam Software #5
Its tagline is yet Another webcam software, exclusively available for windows users. YouCam is a free webcam software written in Java that is quite easy to use and unlike splitcam or I glass, it comes with united features. YouCam is available in multiple languages and bears following features:-
  • Live video streaming
  • You can use its motion detection feature as a surveillance system
  • Password protection
  • Built-in web server and ptp upload support is available
  • You can set time lapse movies
  • You can take image snapshots,  and add texts or image overlays on it youcam is completely free, a lightweight webcam software.
Supported Platform: – Windows XP, 7,8,8.1

6. Debut Video Capture Software

Best Webcam Software #6
A premium screen recording software that can be used as an advanced webcam software too. It can record from webcam, external devices, and computer screens as well. You can also use it’s video overlay to record your screen and webcam at the same time. Let’s take a quick look at it’s feature:-
  • You can create photo snapshots of a video at any moment
  • Adjust brightness and color setting prior to video recording or capturing.
  • Add frames and video effects.
  • Time lapse video recordings is available
  • You can use it’s screen recording feature to record screen activities of your screen, a single window or any selected poison.
  • You can download the free version of debut video capture, or purchase it’s pro version that costs $49.99
Supported Platform:- Windows 8 , 8.1, 10, Vista.

7. IP Camera Viewer

Best Webcam Software #7
Well, this one is quite interesting. If you want to set up a surveillance system at your home, shop or office, then download this free webcam software called IP camera viewer. This cool software was developed by Deskshare to view video from multiple cameras simultaneously. According to its developer, more than 1800 different IP cameras models are supported additionally it supports all USB cameras let us have a glance at it’s features:-
  • You can control and view up to 4 cameras feed at the same time even on multiple monitors.
  • Zooming feature available and you can adjust the orientation of line feeds too.
  • You can listen to live audio from the webcams.
  • You can capture images in JPEG, MPEG4, and H-264 stream too.
So, somewhere IP camera viewer is more like a surveillance system added with webcam facility.
Supported Platform: – Windows 7/8/10 vista /xp/2012

8. Fake Webcam

Best Webcam Software #8
Yet another useful webcam software that comes with lots of special effects and filter option to make the video/video chat more funny and appealing. Record your video in advance and play them while you’re having a video chat. And that is the reason why it is called Fake webcam this webcam suit is available as a trial download however you can get it’s full authorized version for $9.95.
  • You can add effects and overlays.
  • Insert frames of different types.
  • Record any video in advance.
  • You can change the orientation of the video.
The Fake Webcam offers other similar software like webcam and screen recorder, Fake voke free voice changer and Kate’s video toolkit which are worth using.
Supported Platform: – Windows

9. Webcam Toy

Best Webcam Software #9
The multi-platform webcam tool for windows, mac and Linux, because it runs on the browser. Record video or take screenshots webcam toy is just best at this having over 80 fun effects and filters option to enhance your photos and videos. Additionally, the feature is you can post photos directly to twitter or Facebook. You can download and install it’s Google chrome extension and start capturing moments on the go.
Platform Supported :- Web Based (For All Platforms)

Click Here To Download This Webcam Software – Webcam Toy

10. Free2x Webcam Recorder
Best Webcam Software #10
Free webcam recorder software from free2x is a must mention the name. It is 100x free and is capable of recording videos from any digital camera or webcam and you can save the video output as AVI, Mp4, or WMV file format. You can record sound or audio from microphone, speakers or line in devices.
You can take screenshots and save them as JPG or BMP format too. Another unique feature is you can use the custom keyboard shortcut and edit the watermark on the video.
Supported Platform: – Windows 10/8/7/vista.

11. Apower Soft Webcam Recorder

Best Webcam Software #11
Apowersoft is my favorite webcam cum screen recorder software, that I use to create YouTube tutorials. It is very simple and easy to use, and the credit goes to its simple interface. You can adjust height and width of the recordings video, video output quality and the edit your video after recording. Apowersoft comes with an inbuilt media player too. Unfortunately, you can not use it for making video calls on Skype or hangouts.
Supported Platform: – Windows

12. VSDC Video Editor Cum Webcam Software

Best Webcam Software #12
VSDC offers a complete solution for all video needs, let that be video editing, screen capturing, video capturing, creating slideshows etc.
VSDC is free webcam too, which offers more features in its pro version. Its webcam recording part is quite easy to use as the interface shows multiple options to change settings of output videos. You can easily configure it’s video and audio settings to get the high-quality recording.
Supported Platform: – Windows

Wrapping It Up

So these were some of the best webcam software which you can consider downloading. Go for a free webcam software first and then switch to the premium version, that would be my personal suggestion to you. Tell us which one is your favorite and why in the comment section below.