15 Best Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs You Can Promote


There are numerous web hosting affiliate programs running out there and no doubt they all pays a hefty commission. But not all web hosting affiliate programs are promising enough to pay you always. But yes some bloggers and webmasters have been making several thousand bucks by promoting these programs. Some companies like Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator, Inmotion etc. run the highest paying affiliate programs.

Top 15 High Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program You Can Promote

If you’re a blogger and your blog posts revolve around topics like blogging, WordPress, hosting and make money online then by promoting such web hosting affiliate programs would be an ideal decision for you. Taking reference from different sites and blogs, I’ve listed down the best web hosting affiliate programs you can join and make money, so here goes the list:

1. Crucial Cash Hosting


Crucial hosting is gradually becoming an exclusive web hosting solution for business and enterprises looking for high-quality web hosting servers. Crucial hosting runs the highest paying affiliate program, they pay from $10 to $3000 per qualified purchase.

Crucial hosting offers two options for how affiliates are paid. The first option is a large one-time payment, where if you send refer a customer, and you get 100% of their first-month payment. Whereas the second option is a recurring commission, i.e. 10% of their hosting payment every month they remain active.

Commission for custom dedicated servers can earn you up to $3,000 for the one-time payment, isn’t that amazing!!!!

Now very few affiliate programs are left that lets you create your own custom coupon codes and Crucial Hosting is one of them.

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2. Siteground Affiliate Program


A trusted provider that has captured the market of web hosting is a good player in terms of its affiliate programs. Its friendly support will ease your job.

All you need to do is apply for the Siteground affiliate program, the account gets approved at the same moment but in rare cases, you may be asked few questions by the affiliate manager.

Once you get the affiliate account, you can start marketing its plans. Siteground has an impressive conversion rate so you don’t need to worry about that part. Affiliate marketers receive $50-125 for each successful referral and it has a great reputation in terms of payment.

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3. WP Engine Affiliate Program


WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting and comes under the costliest yet reliable hosting solution for WordPress. The professional blog looks for some managed WordPress hosting which can take care of all technical aspects of creating backups at a regular interval, install necessary plugins etc. So as an affiliate you’ll promote WPEngine managed WordPress hosting from WordPress perspective.

WP Engine Affiliate Programs are managed by ShareASale affiliate network and minimum referral reward is $200 for each qualified purchase. Payments are made by check or International ACH Direct bank deposit. Since you’ll be joining WP Engine Affiliate Program via ShareASale so, you can withdraw payments anytime whenever the amount reaches a minimum threshold balance of $50.

For a result oriented promotion, WP Engine offers enough resources to promote their plans like banners, affiliate links and discounts in festive seasons too.

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4. Bluehost Affiliate Program


Quite popular among WordPress bloggers, Bluehost is also WordPress officially recommended hosting provider and that is the reason many new customers tend to grab the Bluehost deal and this is where you can make a profit.

Some bloggers like Anil Agarwal is making around $2000-3000 each month just by promoting Bluehost. Though Bluehost has lower payouts but a better reputation. Each successful referral pays $65 and payments are made timely.

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5. Hostgator Affiliate Program


Hostgator is my web hosting provider, totally love it. In fact, every webmaster would love Hostgator for its real-time support services. Easy to manage accounts and hosting plans at reasonable rates. Hostgator affiliate program pays on time, although it belongs to EIG group but it has a good record of paying its affiliates.

For me, it’s most reliable hosting solution and you can genuinely promote Hostgator. Affiliate commission is around  $50-125. Hostgator now manages its affiliate program via Impact Radius Network and you need to register an account with it.

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6. iPage Affiliate Program


PC Advisor has listed iPage under top 10 hosting provider on the web, iPage is a trusted name in hosting space. Web hosting is available at $2 per month which can be reduced to $1 using coupon code to attract more customers.

iPage offers free products like free domain and advertising credit worth $150. Hosting plans from iPage is quite lucrative that attracts new customers. iPage affiliate Program pays $105 to its affiliates.

iPage Affiliate Signup Page

7. DreamHost Affiliate Program


Yet another popular and widely used web hosting company, DreamHost is perfect for hosting all kinds of websites. DreamHost lets you create coupon codes that customers can use to get discounts.

To help you promote its plan, DreamHost offers custom created banners and links that can be inserted into your blog or website.

DreamHost Affiliate Program pays $97 for each referral and if you manage to bring one payable lead you can make $1164 annually which is amazing.

Update:- DreamHost no longer lets you create custom coupon codes.

DreamHost Affiliate  Signup Page

8. FatCow Affiliate Program


Quick payouts and great conversion are what FatCow says to its affiliates. FatCow is a reputed hosting provider that offers 100% up time speed and quicker response time for its sites. Plans include $100 AdWords voucher and $50 Facebook credit and free YellowPages listings which can attract more potential customers.

For every successful shared hosting or VPS hosting sign up, affiliates will earn $100. Whereas every dedicated hosting plan, $150 is paid.

FatCow provides a downloadable comparison spreadsheet that you can use to promote their plans in a better way.
There is a special plan called “Cheap sheep” plan that costs $9.00 to the customers and on promoting this plan affiliate receives a flat conversion of $25 per sale.
Above all it’s support service for affiliates is quite good at solving issues. Overall it’s a great solution for both users and affiliates too.

FatCow Affiliate Signup Page

9. WebHosting Pub Affiliate Program



This American web hosting company offers different hosting solutions like blog hosting, custom web design, c panel hosting, eCommerce hosting, application hosting includes WordPress hosting , Joomla hosting, Drupal, Magneto hosting etc. WebHosting Pub affiliate program is quite lucrative that pays $50 per referral.

Payments are done through PayPal, check or direct transfer. Joining it’s affiliate program affiliates get access to a dashboard showing real-time statistics. Any Professional blogger with millions of visitors can contact the company directly by phone or e-mail for building in depth relationship.

WebHosting Pub Affiliate Program Signup Page

10. Webhosting Pad Affiliate Program


Webhosting Pad was started in and since then the company has made a good reputation in the industry. Webhosting Pad has a huge customer base who are loyal towards the company. Known for it’s reasonable hosting plans and efficient support services.

Webhosting Pad offers reliable solutions for both small blog owners to big corporates. It’s the cheapest plan is of $1.99 per month with regular discounts as well. Webhosting Pad affiliates are provided unique tracking links and banners to be placed on the web.

For each successful referral, Webhosting Pad pays $75 and payments are processed by Paypal on monthly basis. Overall Webhosting Pad affiliate program is quite satisfactory.

Webhosting Pad Affiliate Program Signup Page

11. Godaddy Affiliate Program


Godaddy has received a huge traction in past couple of years, though much credit goes to its advertising campaign but the company is great at offering hosting and website building services.

Earlier Godaddy had it’s own managed affiliate program which was later shut down for various reasons. Now Godaddy affiliate program is run on affiliate marketplaces such as Commission Junction and Zanox.

Customers find huge deal offers from Godaddy that becomes a USP for the company. Goddy affiliates can promote these deals and offer to make more money.

Sign up Via Commission Junction Affiliate Network

Sign up Via Zanox Affiliate Network

11. Inmotion Hosting Affiliate Program


Inmotion hosting is considered to be a reliable hosting solution, moreover, it’s hosting servers are best for hosting business websites. Inmotion hosting has been a preferred choice of many companies and it continues to receive traction in an abundant amount. So it’s easy for affiliate marketers to market Inmotion’s plans and services.

Inmotion pays $50- $100 for each successful sign ups and offers bonus of $5-45 as well. First 3 sale, you will receive $100 per sale so from payment perspective also, Inmotion Hosting is quite reliable.

InMotion Affiliate Signup Page

13. HostMoster Affiliate Program


Another hosting company under Endurance International Group is similar to Bluehost. HostMoster affiliate commission is $65 per successful sign ups and payment option includes PayPal. The customer base of HostMonster is increasing at a considerable rate so it would be a wiser decision to promote HostMoster and earn big commissions.

HostMonster Affiliate Signup Page

14. A Small Orange


A Small Orange has been there in web hosting business for a long there it’s affiliate program is quite unique. You don’t need to be an ASO customer to be it’s affiliate, on joining you’ll be provided with an interactive dashboard, a unique affiliate tracking code, a dedicated affiliate manager to help you always, and option to create custom coupon codes too.

A Small Orange claims to have an average successful conversion rate of 7% , which is really an appreciable mark. A Small Orange lets you use resources like banners, image, links, promotional videos so that you can promote hosting plans more efficiently. As an ASO affiliate, you would promote it’s hosting plans that include shared hosting, business hostings, reseller hosting, cloud VPS, dedicated servers, website builder, managed hosting and web design services.

Payment options include PayPal, Wire transfer as well as written check. A Small Orange pays $50 per qualified purchase for any plan. So go write a cool review and create cool contents to promote A Small Orange and grab huge bucks.

A Small Orange Affiliate Signup Page

15. Rose Hosting Affiliate Program


An Exclusive VPS hosting company preferred by many businesses and corporates. It’s unbeatable services and support becomes it’s ultimate USP.So if your blog content revolves around topics like VPS hosting or web hosting then you must promote Rose Hosting programs and plans, since the commission rate would be higher for Rose Hosting VPS plans. As an affiliate, you earn flat 50% commission on the first month’s payment plus 10% monthly commission on every subsequent payment. The best part about its affiliate program is it’s incentives and bonus payments for affiliates.

As an Incentive:
After first 20 referrals, initial commission increases from 50% to 100%.
After 40 referrals, initial commission increases from 100 to 150% and remain 150% thereafter.
As Bonus Amount:
Rose Hosting pays $50 for bringing more than 10 qualified sales, similarly $500 for more than 50 sales.

All payments are made via PayPal and minimum threshold balance should be $50. Affiliates must note that only monthly billed accounts are eligible as referrals and self-referrals are strictly prohibited. Exclusive VPS hosting that you would promote are Linux, Shared hosting, Linux VPS hosting, VPS hosting Stack, Custom SSD VPS, CentOS VPS and Linux shared hosting.

RoseHosting Affiliate Page Signup Page


It’s completely up to you, how many web hosting companies you want to promote but it’s recommended to promote any one similar product in any single niche.

Be careful and alert because some web hosting companies miscount your valid referrals and don’t pay you sometimes. There were many scam related issues about iPage and other EIG-managed companies too. EIG(Endurance International Group) has a bad image of not paying their affiliates. iPage, Fatcow, Bluehost, Hostmonster, strategic and domain.com are EIG companies.