10 Best Ping Sites For Fast Crawling And Indexing Of Websites, Blogs And Links


Here is a great list of top ping sites that are recommended as the best pinging services by professional bloggers and webmasters. It’s very important to ping your content to all search engines especially Google and Bing, this will make them crawl and index your web pages faster. Pinging is one of the most effective Off-Page SEO strategies recommended by pro bloggers.  

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I use these pinging sites every time I make any changes or updates to my website, and I recommend you to do the same, it will not only index your site quickly but would help you in ranking higher in search engines too. Below are the top ten best pinging services I  use to update my site:

How To Ping Google For Fast Crawling And Indexing Your Blogposts

Step 1:- Go to your Google Web Master Tools Homepage and select your website. Once you are in the dashboard, click on Crawl then on Fetch As Google option.

Crawl >> Fetch As Google



Step 2:-  Now copy and paste your blog URL or blogpost URL in the given box (only the permalink part) and then click on Fetch button. Once the partial submission gets completed then hit the submit button.


Step 3:-You would get a prompt window asking you to choose any of the two options i.e. Crawl only this URL or Crawl this URL and it’s direct linksyou can select the second option.



Step 4:- Now Go to any of the pinging sites like Pingler.com and the submit your site there. Enter your blog title, add relevant keywords, choose website category, enter the captcha and ping your website.

10 Great Pinging Services To Hint Google For Indexing And Crawling Of Blogposts Quickly


Pingler is the ultimate pinging services preferred by many professional bloggers. Although Pingler is a free cum premium ping service that has a large number of search engines and RSS feed directories on its list. Moreover, you can define your own planning servers. Sign up for free and start pinging your blog content to major search engines.

The best feature of Pingler that makes it unique is that, by opting it’s premium service all your submitted URLs get stored which are later pinged frequently and timely manner.

To get maximum exposure to search engines and rank higher in Google, try out this amazing pinging service that comes with a basic package of $2.99 month that stores up to 10000 URLs. Pingler offers various plugin and add-ons (Firefox, WordPress, Chrome) to easy your update tasks.


Free pinging service and the best and free alternative to Pinger that performs equally good here you need to update URLs manually. Ping-O-Matic updates multiple services and search engines through its single ping option. All update services on their list are legitimate.

And the impressive feature is that it regularly checks for downstream services. Although Pingomatic has fewer services but is most important ones. Try out Pingomatic that is being used by most bloggers and webmasters. Pingomatic sends over a million pings a day.

3. Pingoat.net

There are top 40+ search engines in its list and Pingoat pings them all. The best part is it even notifies to pingomatic which further pings your URL again. Pingoat is the only pinging service that also pings tingly. All you have to do is just enter blog name and URL.

4. Google Ping

Don’t worry it’s not the official pinging service from Google but works like charm. 13 Popular services include some top ones like Google search of various countries, Weblogs, Blogtines, Askpeter.info, Active search, Newsgator search and Rama. There are about 84 blog services and some popular feed services like Feedflex, My Yahoo JP, Feed ,Blog digger, Next Gen Directory,Was line etc. So overall Google Ping is a must try for all.

5. Ping Farm

It’s similar to Pingomatic, pings immediately in no time to 5 specialized services and 19 common services. You will get an advantage of adding keywords and RSS Url (optional). Ping Farm is totally free having a simple Interface.

6. Feedshark

Feedshark is among some popular great ping sites with numerous blogs, search engines, and feeds link in its list. Its single click ping option sends crawl update to 14 for podcast pings, 16 RSS feeds and 33 blog pings including technorati and to all search engines as well.

7. Bulkping.com

As the name suggests Bulkping is used to send multiple URLs for pinging. So invite the search engines to visit your email site and crawl fresh content and index new ones .

All you need to do is enter your website Address, give a tagging keyword, anchor or Title, choose website category, insert your e-mail Id, choose the option to auto ping URL (never, Every 3rd day, Every week) and then hit the submit button.

You can generate 1 feed for multiple URLs or profiles account. There is URL limit for RSS which is recommended up to 50K or 10 MB size.

The unique feature of Bulk Ping is that every time you generate a feed, the site automatically adds random characters to DSEC thus it’s always unique for search engines. That is why you can do it 2-3 times but make sure you do in intervals or on weekly basis. Bulkping also offers free RSS submission Tool.

8. PingMyBlog

PingMyBlog claims to notify all major blog directories in one go. I haven’t tried it yet but indeed it a great alternative to pingler and pingomatic. PingMyBlog has a neat clean interface that lets you insert Blog name, Blog URL, Blog RSS, select all services, and hit GO Ping button.

9. Ping.In

Notifies all blog services and search engines and also offers a speed testing tool for websites. You can also enter your XML feed for fast indexing. Ping.In has about 25 common weblog services (Search engines + Blog directories).

10. MyPagerank.net

My PageRank is all in one SEO solution for bloggers and webmasters since it provides great tools like See stats, Google Data center cheek, Google page rank Button, Ping service, spider view, meta tag analysis, Link check, poll service , star rating, smile creator, social bookmarking tool, link preview, yahoo last visit, SEO monitor, search engine submission etc. Its pinging service is equally good and makes easy for you to invite all search engines in one click.

Wrapping It Up

So these were some useful ping sites that will ease your job, so follow the above-mentioned steps and use these service. Hope to hear some positive responses from you in the comment section below.