5 Best Genuine Survey Sites To Make Money Online


People make money online by various means, be it selling their services or their own products. But it is not easy for everyone to earn money online because everyone is not equipped with the same kind of resources and investments. Still, there exist some legitimate ways to make money online using some third party sites. Well, I am talking about survey sites.

There are plenty of survey sites that you’ll get but only a few of them are genuine. The online survey is the part of consumers research to known about how a customer likes or dislike the products and services.

How survey sites work?

Big corporate companies spend millions of dollar in research to know the consumer behavior and that’s why they outsource their research and analysis task to these survey companies and research firms. As a reward for taking surveys, you earn money online.

I have compiled a list of some genuine sites to help you:-

1. Ipsos i-say


This is one of the oldest and longest market research firm in the world, the survey is taken in another offshoot websites called I pros I say. There is a wide range of topics from big global brands to entertainment and it takes about 15 to 25 minutes to complete one survey.

Payment Producers:

you need to build points by completing survey each survey are worth 5 to 250 points. These earned points can be crashed in for vouchers which can be used for shopping on sites like Amazon.

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2. Swag bucks


Swag bucks are the most popular survey site having more than 10 million members. You can earn virtual money by completing some tasks like watching videos, surfing the web, playing games and shopping online. A typical task takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Payment Procedure

Here the points are referred as swag bucks which can be exchanged as voucher card for amazon, Starbucks or via PayPal credit. To receive payment in cash you can exchange PayPal credit in cash transaction.

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3. Crowdology


An entity of the redshift market research company which is quite popular in a survey. You can choose surveys according to your interest and subject.

Payment Procedure:

You can earn cash minimum of 40 Euros for every survey you complete. Two payment option include PayPal and Amazon voucher.

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4. My Survey


My survey is another trustworthy survey cum money making a site for users, the site rewards users with points can be exchanged for vouchers for sites like awards and argos.

Payment Procedure:

You can also receive payment via PayPal or reduce for rewards via Amazon, Home base.

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5. Pure Profile


The site offers a wide category of survey starting from technology,Entertainment to groceries. All you need to do is just log in to the site and look for the survey.

Some survey along while some are short and it takes an average of 20 minutes to complete one survey payment procedure:- These is not a system to receive payment via PayPal or amazon voucher but they pay you via bank transfer the minimum  25 Euros are earned.

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Among the above lists, my favorite one is Swagbucks which have made quite a good reputation in the industry. Moreover, it is best for students who prefers o make money online just by spending few hours online.