14+ Best Free Game Sites To Play Games Online Without Downloading


Games entertain you, trains your brain and keeps you active always. Although physical games like Cricket, Football, and Hockey keeps you healthy and fit, but that doesn’t mean that online games aren’t helpful. This entire world is getting online and people prefer playing games online, personally, I believe online games are a great way to free your mind when streamed out, get entertained during boring moments and sometimes to improve IQ.

The best thing about online games is that you’ll always have something new to play and discover from different games. Some researchers say that playing digital games and online decision-making ability of a person.
Getting Bored??

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Try out these online game sites and kick off your boredom. Earlier I had written a post on best movie streaming sites to watch movies online and get entertained during boring moments. And in this post, I’ve compiled a great list of websites that lets you play games online without even downloading them. You may need to sign up in some of the sites and I would recommend you to register with your e-mail Id, don’t sign-in using Google plus and Facebook for privacy concerns.

Top 15+ Great Gaming Sites To Play Games Online Without Downloading Them

After visiting each of the listed gaming sites personally. I ‘ve ranked them from top to bottom. Considering the ease of playing games, sign up a process, the large repository of games and different games available, here are some recommended online games sites for you.

1. Kongregate

kongregate is the best gaming site
I believe it is the king of all online game sites with more than 70,000 games on board and millions of active users, Kongregate ranks top for me. Kongregate has been in operation since 2007 and is owned by Gamestop corporation.
Try out puzzle games, word games, action and spy games in it’s single or multiplayer. Registration is free and the company also offers a premium upgrade that costs $30 billed annually. The premium account has more to offer, its interactive ad-free user interface.
But I would recommend you try out with a free account. The free account will give you access to get track points and rewards, collect badges and participate in games forum community.


2. Armour Games

 armor games free gaming sites
Earlier known as Games of Gondor, the second most popular site for playing games online. For all those newbies out there, who have not played online games yet, this is the right place to start with. You’ll get guides and tons of recommendations on the sites. 
Although some popular games from all games are included, but most formed categories include sports, arcade, shooters, war games etc. I would like you to recommend games like Sunny 2 and The Last Stand -Dead Zones.

Create a free account and you’ll get impressive features like tracking and achievements. The best part about armor games is that new games are added every week that makes it’s collection even more massive than other gaming websites.

Play Games Online At Armour Games

3. Addicting Games

addicting games sites

When I was in school, this was the only site I knew about.I use to play games in my computer lab and undoubtedly Addicting Games is the best free gaming site for me. You will find games of all categories, the even girl will find games of their choices. However, games like Bear bargains, Bowman, and Fancy Parts Adventure has been the choice for many.

Your browser must have flash players enabled in order to play games online. And here is good news for all bloggers and webmaster, you can embed these games on your websites or blog too, to improve user engagement. Addicting Games is one of those few sites that also offers. It has its own official app for ios (iPhones and iPods).

Play Games Online At Addicting Games

4. Newgrounds

Newsground gaming site

Looking for the best website to play flash games and animation for free and without any pause moments then, here is what you should use now.

Newgrounds is an all in one site for all entertainment freaks. Newgrounds offers flash games, music content and great animation which are enough to kill your boredom for sure. The massive collection of games include some popular names like Ultimate Tank War.

The flash version etc while browsing for the right game to play, you can use its filter search option too, that filters out by rating, popularity, newness and content views. Like Kongregate, Newgrounds also come with a premium upgrade that costs $200, loaded with tons of features.

Play Games Online At Newsgrounds

5. Popcap

Popcap game sites to play games online

Popcap is getting traction slowly and is among the fastest game site to gain such popularity owned by Electronics Art, a gaming firm from Seattle. This specialty about Popcap is that the site offers high-quality games because most of the games are developed by the company itself, and they better know which games can better impress the player. And yes there are some dark side i.e you might get annoyed ads which appear everywhere, I recommend you play games like Plants Vs Zombies and Zuma’s Revenge.

Play Games Online At Popcap

6. Crazy Monkey Games

crazymonkey games has large repository of online games

As the Crazy Monkey Games are good for playing short games, Like others, the site has hundreds of free games available, and each game comes with a guide book to learn and understanding each level of the game. I believe Crazy Monkey Games is also best for budding game developers looking for sponsoring their newly developed games. You can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated about the latest game upload, game news, and fun. Most popular games in their list include Pandemic 2 And Raze, so give them a shot.

Play Games Online At Crazy Monkey Games

7. Miniclip

Miniclip free gaming sites to play games


No list is complete without listing Miniclip an amazing website to play games online with downloading and without any interruptions. Since it’s launch in 2001, Miniclip has grown tremendously and now it’s  favorite gaming sites for every freak.

Miniclip is available in more than 15 languages and is accessible through social media channel like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

Popular games include action, shooting, adventure, sports and 3D games too. Registration is optional but the free account gives access to tracking feature, ranking and achievements points too.

Play Games Online At MiniClip

8. FOG -Free Online Games

free online games FOG

The fun begins at FOG, this free game site has a large category to choose from sports based, adventure, puzzle type, defuse games, flying games, car racing games and multiplayer games are some popular categories you should browse. Like other mentioned sites, free account at FOG gives access to game chat rooms, new history, favorite list, notification etc. I would like you to play Urban Snippet 4, and Saucer Destruction 3.

Play Games Online At FOG

9. BGames

BG games free online gaming sites

We can not forget BGames here, one of the oldest and best free online game sites. The best service from BGames is, they also offer downloadable games in different games like. Car games, Racing games, iShooting games, puzzle games, quiz games etc. BGames has known for its short animated games. The dark side is it’s a little bit annoying when certain video ads come in between and disturb you. Otherwise, BGames is a worth your visit.

Play Games Online At BGames

10. Candy Stand

flash games player play free gaming sites

Candy Stand is another cool website to play games online for free. The flash games and shockwave games their USP. Play Games Online and win prizes, trophies, and rewards. Candy stand is run and managed by Nabisco, an American company which started it’s operation since 1997. Some most played games in their list include vector TD and UMAG. Candy stand has an interactive and fast user interface so new gamers would love to play games here.

Play Games Online At Candy Stand

11. POGO

Pogo games for kids free online gaming sites

Do you remember the T.V.channel  POGO, well, it’s something like that? Quite entertaining and interactive, POGO has offered different varieties of flash games in different categories. You must play classic Hasbro games like Risk, Yahtzee, Scrabble, and Monopoly. Register a free account and play games online for free.

Play Games Online At Pogo

12. Game House

gamehouse free gaming sites

A great website to play games online and download them too. Solve puzzles, simplify word games, play animation, and sports games for free. Kids will love this gaming site a lot.

Play Games Online At Game House

13. Dead Whale

deadwahle free flsh games site without downloading

Looking for some mind games or the strategy games that can improve your logical thinking ability. Play games in your desktop only or in the browser which supports flash player. Some popular games like Bubble Spinner and Cube Attack are worth playing.

Play Games Online At Dead Whale

14. Zynga

zynga free gaming sites

Zynga itself is a social gaming company that develops high quality and interactive games. The reason why I put Zynga’s on this list is their versatility, their games are free and can be played on desktop and mobiles too. You can also play games through Facebook, Even in a group. Most suggested games of Zynga include the Ninja Kingdom and Farmville.

Play Games Online At Zynga

So, Guys, these were some killer games sites that every game freak should visit.Playing games online are free and I bet you will get entertained a lot here. And if you are not satisfied with this list, then you can try out sites like Bored, Games.com, and Total Jerkface, which are equally good.