17 Best Freelance Websites For Freelancer And Employers


Freelance websites are absolute blessings for freelancers looking for job and money. As well as for employers to hire the right talent to get their job done. Moreover, these freelance websites proves to be the most cost-effective outsourcing solution for employers since they don’t want to invest much time and money on any permanent employee. Whereas for freelancers it is a great source of income that can bring some instant handsome cash.

How Freelance websites work for freelancers and employers?

Both client and freelancer register in these freelance websites or platforms to get their work done.

For Employers

You need to register as an employer or client and then post your job vacancies or contract details. You may need to add funds i.e. Total remuneration value in advance as a security deposit. Freelancers looking for work will accept your offer and submit it back on the same platform. Later you need to approve the submitted work and once approved your added funds will be transferred into freelancers account.

Some freelance websites let you host contests where different freelancers submit the completed project and you choose the best one.

So policies are different for different platforms. Some are free to use while others may lose your pocket.

For Freelancers

Freelance websites are the ultimate option to make money online and if you have some skills then opportunities are skyrocketing there. You need to register in these freelance websites as a freelancer and build your portfolio. It is like building an online resume where you would highlight your skills and qualifications.

Your objective is to get work assignments and submit it within given time frame. Few freelancer websites are absolutely free to join and use, while some of them might charge you on various ways. Charges would be like fixed commission or monthly subscription.

17 Best Freelance Websites To Find Work And Jobs Assignment

1. Upwork


Upwork is a giant website for freelancers and employers, a merger of two great freelance websites i.e. oDesk and Elance. With over 2 million clients and more than 9 million registered freelancers, this freelance platform has something for everyone.

As a freelancer, you can get both short term and long term projects having high cash value.
Both individual and team of freelancers can get projects in bulk amount.

Create your profile, highlight your skills and browse all posted projects. As a freelancer if you have a good record then clients will approach you or bid on you. Grab the offer that suits your requirement and start making cash.

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2. Toptal


If you are a veteran then it’s where you should find work. Quite popular for technical projects and assignments, Toptal has many reputed companies in its client’s list like Airbnb, JP Morgan, and Zendesk. Toptal receives huge applications from freelancers but only 2-3% of them are accepted.

The company holds regular screening tests for the registered applicants and the tests include personality test, English speaking tests, programming test, and other skill tests.

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3. 99Designs


For all web designers, graphic designers and geeks, 99designs is the ultimate home. As a freelancer, you need to register and build a catchy profile first. The assignments are posted as a contest by host clients. Pick up the contest, complete and submit the assignments. If the client accepts your work, you become the winner and money are credited into your account.

On 99designs you can expect project work like logo designing, site architecture, theme design, complete web design etc. 99designs is a free website for freelancers since almost every contest receives 50-100 submissions so you really need to go an extra mile to win the race.

For Clients, there are four premium membership level.


  • Bronze Package- $ 299
  • Silver Package-  $499
  • Gold Package- $799
  • Platinium Package- $ 1299

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4. People Per Hour


This website for freelancers has the same process of freelance registration. As a freelancer, you need to send an invoice to your client hosting the project. Once your submission gets approved the compensation is transferred into your escrow account.

People Per hour deducts a small percentage from freelancer’s total earnings, generally 15% of the total project value. The cost to send an invoice is one pound, that you need to pay.

3 Ways To Get Work In People Per Hour

1. Hourlies

These are the short job assignments posted by clients and visible to all registered freelancers. You apply for the job by mentioning your parameters and other requirements like compensation needed, delivery time and how the quality of work done by you would be. It’s like bidding for the offer. Clients will see and analyze all proposals and thereafter they can handover the project.

2. Individual Job Proposal

One Freelancer can send up to 15 application to clients per month.

3. Client Solicitation

Once you’ve made a good reputation as a promising Freelancer, clients will directly approach you for their projects. It’s your turn to ask for desired compensation for the work. Highlight your skills and update your profile regularly to get multiple job assignments. People Per Hour is one of the best websites for freelancers.

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With over 11 million users and 5 million projects, freelancer.com is one of the largest of all freelance websites. Although most users are not active but still the platform is best for the duo (employers and freelancers).
Like People Per Hour, this freelance platform has the same working model.

3 Ways to get work in freelancer.com include bidding on project, entering a contest and offering services.
Initially you need to build an attractive portfolio mentioning all educational and professional details as well as highlighting your skills.

A business model of Freelancer.com is such that both freelancers and employers need to pay some amount. However for hourly projects, 10% of total project cost is deducted and for fixed projects, greater of the two ($5 or 10% commission) is deducted. 20% deduction is made for service works.

Various Paid Membership Plans For Freelancers

  • Intro Plan (99 Cents Per Month)
    Freelancers can make 15 bids and list up to 30 skills in their profile.
  • Basic Plan ($4.95 Per Month)
    Freelancers can make 50 bids and list up to 50 skills in their profile.
  • Standard Plan
    Freelancers can make 300 bids and list up to 100 skills in their profile.
  • Premium Plan ($199.95 Per Month)
    Freelancers can make 1500 bids and list up to 400 skills in their profile.
    This Plan is for a team of freelancers, firm, and small enterprises who can handle projects in bulk.
    So beginners might face some difficulties in getting a project.\

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6. iFreelance


iFreelance is the connecting link between clients and freelancers like all other freelance websites you need to build a catchy portfolio and highlight your skills. Projects are posted by clients publicly so you can bid for listings. You can also post about the services you offer. One of the biggest merit of iFreelance is that no commission is charged on earnings of freelancers unlike other mentioned platforms. iFreelance charges small membership fee according to different membership levels:

  • Basic Plan- $6.25 Per Month
  • Silver Plan- $9 Per Month
  • Gold Plan- $12 Per Month

Basic members are limited to bid for 3 projects only. Gold members enjoy the most benefit since they get the top placement for their bids and they can post their service offerings in all categories and subcategories.

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7. Guru


Guru is widely popular among techies and geek, the platform works on both job posting and contest model. Clients can post job listings and freelancers can apply. Client approves the application and you start working on that project. Clients need to add funds in escrow account before they can post their job listings.

Once deliverables are made, funds are automatically transferred into freelancer’s account. A flat commission of 4.5 % is levied on each completed project.

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8. Design Crowd


Yet another contest based platform for freelancers, photographers, designers and logo makers. As a prize money, clients can pay whatever they want but $30 per contest is the minimum amount. New freelancers have to survive it’s cut throat competition.

Employer’s funds is taken on hold in their escrow account and once the completed project is approved, funds are released into freelancer’s account. DesignCrowd charges a flat commission of 15% on all types of project.

To be a successful freelancer at DesignCrowd, you must build a catchy profile highlighted with major skills and experience first.

9. CrowdSpring


For all creative freelancers out there, CrowdSpring is best freelance and outsource platform. Web designer, theme designers, copy writers, graphic artists and packaging designers can browse projects from different hosted contests. Projects are available on contest basis where clients fix the prize money.

The contests that don’t receive 100 bids get cancelled automatically by CrowdSpring. Client’s funds are held in escrow account which can be later withdrawn Via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

10. Textbroker


Textbroker is the best freelance website for getting freelance writing jobs suitable for all content writers and copywriters. It’s free to join and writers need to take general writing test and receive approval manually before starting the task.

Writers are assigned star ratings which determines their work and earning efficiency.
Textbroker evaluates all listed writers annually to rank them up or down. It’s highly beneficial for writers to rank higher on the list to get more work. The payments are made either on per word basis or per assignment basis.

Textbroker is perfect for big content generation firms that need projects in bulk. Like others, payments are held in escrow account and payment processing is done on weekly basis.

11. Accountemps


Popular as a staffing firms, Accountemps also serves as the outsourcing cum freelance platform exclusively for accounting, professionals and managers. Most mid scale and large scale companies comes into it’s client’s list. The projects include general accounting work, back office assignment, data entry,  form entry and tax related works.

Fixed percentage of income is deducted as a commission. Sign up for Accountemps and build your resume for free. You need to visit the company’s office for interview or else face interviews over Skype.

Freelancer are tested for their skills in accountancy, excel, Quickbooks, Typing etc. It’s almost like having a job in a corporate company.

12. Media Bistro


Yet another great platform for all freelancers with interest in media and educational related job assignments. MediaBistro has two working model first as freelance marketplace and second as job posting board.

For Freelancers

Freelancers create their profile highlighting all their skills, experiences, samples, remuneration and personal statement, almost like a C.V. and to post their resume they need to pay a flat fee of $21 Per month or $145 Per Month. No further deductions are made thereafter.

Media Bistro Page For Freelancers

For Employers

Employers and clients pay $279 per month to post job listings. Media Bistro offers geo specific jobs like in Los Angeles, London, New York etc. So there are chances that any further negotiations and matter of disputes could be handled in client’s office only.


13. Rent A Coder


As the name specify it’s niche, Rent A Coder is exclusive for techies, web developer, coders and programmers. Quite popular among IT and computer science students. Rent A Coder has numerous jobs listed in the site.

Other freelancer writing jobs and logo designing works are also available. Mostly small scale projects are listed so it’s perfect for small firms and individual freelancers.

14. SimplyHired


SimplyHired is an amazing freelance platform for all types of freelancers except techies. As a freelancers you can offer your services and no specific skills are required for some particular projects.

15. College Recruiter


As it’s name suggests, CollegeRecruiter acts as middleman between client and freelancer (mostly college students). Mostly small projects are posted which suits for students looking for online Part Time Jobs. Project length includes from 1 day to few months projects so freelancers can choose projects accordingly. So if you’re a student freelancer, give it a shot.

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16. Craiglist


Not a freelance website but both freelancers and employers can get there job done here. Craiglist is world’s largest classified’s site with better rankings in google. Employers can post their work and job assignment for free and freelancers can browse those posted project listing for free too.

For higher listing, Craiglist charges a small fee which is quite feasible for employers.
But the darkside of craiglist is that most of the job listings are posted by fake/genuine job consultancy firms so freelancers need to browse all listings at their own risk. Otherwise Craiglist is best as it’s totally free for freelancers. For all beginners and student’s who want to make money online can start their journey from here.

I got my first job assignment from an Indian classified site Quickr.com so why can’t you. You can also expect more location based jobs.

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17. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is biggest business social network used by billions of professionals world wide. You can make connections with top industry leader, employers and employees. To get freelancing projects you need to approach them individually. If they found your portfolio and services worth valuable, they will surely contact you. It’s really important to make appealing portfolio to attract potential clients. You can get huge project that can pay you loads of money. Be careful in making deal.

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