7 Best Encryption Apps for Android To Secure Your Data


As soon as you purchase an Android, you should be alert with your privacy and security with it. There are various aspects of security that should be kept in mind while handling a smartphone, below we list some of the major aspects you should keep in mind while thinking about ways to secure your phone:

  • Encryption functionality to restrict invasion of unauthorized access.
  • Restrictions on fishy apps to prevent any leak of personal data.
  • Privacy of data and other features of security.
  • A blacklist on which numbers can be listed to block calls, messages, etc.

7 Great Encryption Apps For Android Privacy And Security

Encryption is the procedure where data is converted into cipher codes that can only be authorized by the parties it is directed for, thereby preventing any leak of personal or professional data to any harmful cause. Thus, in order to protect your Android against any leak of your personal data, you should find and use some good encryption apps to stay safe. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, we are providing a list of some great encryption apps. Check out the list so that you can also take steps in order to ensure your privacy.

1. App Lock

Best Encryption App for Android Ever

This app is used to protect your personal data and information to be accessed by anyone. You can put a lock to your SMS, Settings, Gallery, Gmail, Contacts, Facebook, Calls and any other app you want to keep away from outsiders.


Download Applock From Play Store

2. WhatsApp

Best Encrypted Messenger App for Android

Whatsapp provides end-to-end encryption to all its users, provided that both of them who are contacting are using the same version of WhatsApp which is updated with this feature.

All features of WhatsApp are well secured and the app guarantees optimum privacy to all the users. There is no possibility to turn off the encryption and the app also provides codes to both the parties to make sure that their conversation is encrypted.

You can ensure that the conversation is encrypted by checking the code and the 60 digit number given below the code. If it is same for both of you, it verifies that your conversation has not been intercepted by anyone else.

Messages, calls, voice messages, video calls, status updates are all encrypted in order to prevent the data from getting into the knowledge of any troublesome source and not even WhatsApp has any access to the messages sent or received.

Because of this reason, sometimes messages take time to arrive unless both the parties are online after either one of them uninstalls the app, since the key is stored only on the user’s device. WhatsApp is free and can be used by anyone who has access to the internet.

Download WhatsApp – The Encrypted Messaging Platform

3. TextSecure

Best Text Encryption App for Android

This app is very renowned because its encryption works even when the receiver is not using this app, whereas normally all apps available with encryption, demand for both the users to be using the app in order to function properly.

TextSecure is one of the oldest encryption apps which allowed encryption for audio messages, videos, photos, texts, contacts, etc and the key which could be utilized in order to encrypt the user’s message was stored on the user’s device only.

It had a function that enabled to check that no third part attack happened on any data that was being shared and the encryption also worked in the cases of group chats. It was also ensured that not even the servers had any access to the data shared over personal messages or group chats.

TextSecure marked the beginning of the usage of Signal Protocol which was then called the TextSecure protocol. It was then followed by various renowned apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Allo and WhatsApp etc. in order to provide encryption and more than a billion people are dependent on this service for the security of their personal data. It was discontinued and replaced by Signal.

Signal is a creation of Open Whisper Systems who invented TextSecure and is a great creation for those looking for encryption apps since it provides voice call and message services for free to the users with total security.

The best feature of this app is that one does not need to use pin codes or generate any special kinds of logins and the messages automatically self-destruct after some time ensuring it does not fall into any wrong hands even in case the phone gets lost or stolen.

There is also a Chrome browser plug-in for those who are looking for access to Signal from their laptop or desktop. It is a free and easy to use app.

Download Signal Messenger Or TextSecure

4. K-9 Mail

Best E-Mail Encryption App for Android

K-9 Mail is an app designed for the optimum security of emails since the most delicate professional data are shared over emails and somebody snooping into that and getting access to it can turn into the worst nightmare.

K-9 Mail serves as a free and open source to provide you with the best email encryption software with its efficiency. Emails can be sent and received with proper security and encryption while using K-9 Mail and the access is provided only to the authorized parties and no other person can interfere to steal any confidential data and the encryption facility just gets better with every update the app brings.

It is a free to use the app and a must have for everyone who does a lot of confidential work over emails.

Download K9 Mail Encryption App For Android

5. Viber

Best Encrypted Voice Calling And Messenger App for Android

It was a late entry to the end to end encrypted list of apps but it is unique in itself because it provides a color based system to depict the protection level of any active chat to notify you of the status and whether you need to worry about anything.

The color gray codes for an encrypted conversation and the green one depicts an encrypted conversation with a trusted contact so you can be secure about both of these and continue without any fear of losing your personal data.

However, if the color code is red, it signifies that the chat is not encrypted since there is any problem in the authentication key because of which there may be some danger in sharing any sort of confidential data in that chat room so, be alert.

Viber also allows the users to hide their chats in case of sharing the same device with anyone else or to prevent anyone who stays around to check your personal messages. Found a solution for hiding your love life from your naughty cousins, did you? To use Viber you need to have a number to which all the data can be tied up to and access to the internet is also required.

Download Viber Messenger -One Of The Most Secure Messaging App

6. Telegram

Best Encrypted Messenger App for Android

Telegram is a really easy to use, free and trusted an app that is used worldwide in order to protect personal data since years. Also, the app has been classified as the ‘fastest to use app’ among its competitors that provide the same features.

After installing the app, one just needs to link the app to the phone number and continue using the app in order to send and receive messages safely since each and every feature that Telegram provides is end to end encrypted for the users.

The users can also self-destruct messages so that no one can have any further access to them. Also, it provides a very creative and fun platform for some goofiness with some inbuilt photo and video editing apps to create photo and video edits and share them with friends and have fun.

Download Telegram From Play Store

7. Wickr Me

Best Encryption Apps for Android #7

Wickr Me is another app that has ensured that it is the best choice for those who are looking for top most secrecy in their messages. Though the app is less known, it certainly makes a brilliant app with all the features of a software that provides good encryption.

It also allows the user to self-destruct any message in case they do not want the message to stay in the database of any of the user.

After the opening of the photos and videos sent, it also provides a Secure File Shredder that cleans the RAM and erases all the metadata from the servers in order to ensure maximum security and protection in all aspects. Wickr is also free to use if you have access to the internet.

Download Wickr Me Encryption App

We hope that you have understood the importance of encryption and find out your desired apps that provide the best of the services that you need to ensure your safety in this online world. It is extremely necessary to be alert and take proper steps in order to prevent cyber crimes and a small step today can go a long way tomorrow and you will be making the best use of your Android. With these encryption apps, you will be able to ensure your proper safety and make sure that you do not become subject to any sort of cyber crime that may land you in some hot water. Security and privacy should always be the first thing on your mind while using your smartphone and make sure you take all the required steps. Also, make sure you check the files and places you are granting access to for apps while installing them, it is always notified while installation on Google play store.

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