How To Create Catchy Headlines And Drive Huge Traffic- 8 Best Title Generators


Blogpost Title Generators lets you generate great headlines for any keyword, these headlines generated are quite catchy and appealing, and has the potential to make your post go viral. I believe these has been created beautifully, all the major headline templates have already been feed in their title database.

When you give them a keyword these tools combine them with pre-designed headlines and gives you a massive list instantly.

I’ve always used these topic generates to get some post ideas because sometimes I knew what I’ m going to write about but couldn’t figure out what should be the exact headline for it.

Even I when was working as a content writer, that time I was given a specific keyword and was asked to create some content on it worth 500-1000 words. That time, these blog title generators came to my rescue, by offering some best attractive headlines.

Why Should You Be Using Blog Title Generators?

  • You’ll get blog post ideas over which you can make research and then write it about it in move detail.
  • You can generate viral post headlines too, just enter a keyword and choose the category. It ‘ll show you some relevant title.
  • Saves your time that you usually invest for brainstorming post and content ideas.
  • You can generate long tail keywords which are highly recommended from SEO perspective.
  • You can generate more than 500 headlines for a single keyword.

So, hope you’re convinced for why you should start using tools to create catchy headlines,so now let’s dive deeper, Read the folks below to discovers best headline creator tool:-

8 Best Blog Title Generators To Create Catchy Headlines For Your Next Article, Post Or Content

1. SEO Pressor Blog Title Generators

SEO Pressor is a leading player in providing some best SEO tools for websites and blogs, and its blog post title generator is among the best tools, is completely free to generate grabby headlines for innovative post ideas.


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All you have to do it is go to its search bar and give a keyword, you might select some optional filters that could specify what kind of keyword it is. Choose any one among the provided options that best describes the category of your keyword i.e. between (generic term, products, Event, location, person’s name or skill).

You must specify your keyword by selecting any one of these options because it helps the tool to serve you with the best catchy headlines. And yes to get all post ideas for a single keyword you need to give your email id.

SEO Pressor is one of the fastest blog title generators and I totally love using this.

2. HubPost Blog Topic Generator




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HubPost Blog Topic generator tools are a great alternative to SEO Pressor BlogPost Title Generator, and its interface will make you feel as if you’re in your school back again. I believe HubPost is really a creative blog topic generator.

HubPost runs one of the best marketing blogs on the web, and they’ve released this free blog title generator tools for people involved in content curation and content marketing.

Enter your keyword in the box provided and it will show up 5 best blog topics and headlines, and if you’re not satisfied with the result, then try it again and again.

The only downside I noticed is that it gives repetitive results sometimes, but still you can give it a shot to get some unique content idea for your blog.

3. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator



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This title generator tweaks words i.e. noun, pronoun, adjective and verb with your given keyword and generates some great headlines for you.

You can also select, how would you like the results to appear, like in tile case, sentences case, or all capital.
Moreover, it shows results in various forms, like here I searched for keyword ‘blog’ and selected the keyword the as noun, here is what I got.

  • List Title
  • Best Titles
  • How to titles
  • Question Title
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Celebrities
  • Secrets
  • Smart
  • Business
  • Motivation
  • Problems
  • The kitchen

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is one of the best content idea generators, which gives all post title ideas all at once and you can print or download it too.

4. Portent Content Idea Generator


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Pretty simple interface, but no filter search options to Choose from. Once you search for a keyword, it gives you only one title but then it also suggests you, what you should write or how you can create content on that topic. This unique blog title generator is free.

5. Sharethrough Headlines Generator


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Need suggestion on how you can improve any headlines generation, then try this out. This is basically used to analyze any headline which further gives suggestion to improve it better.

6. Upworthy Article Topic Generator


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Are looking for any specific tools who is a master at creating blog post titles for viral posts and social media then try out Upworthy Generator. One of the best in the industry that automatically suggests some awesome and random post titles for you. Upworthy itself is a social networking site and thus they focus on building a community-oriented and user targeted viral headlines.

7. Blog About


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If you are not sure, what you should blog about then it is the perfect place to get started. Blog About has simple & easy to use interface, where you add a keyword and hit enter to get your results. Once you have successfully built your creative list, you can email the same to yourself.

8. Title-Generator.Com


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As the name suggests its a title generator,  but not that really awesome like above mentioned ones.  However, it manages to generate 700 common blog titles and headlines for any keyword.  The downside is that you don’t get any filter search options.  However, you can still give it a try.

So these are some great tools that will definitely help you in your content curation process.  Titles and headlines are the ultimate attraction for readers that compel them to visit your blog.  Do share your views in the comments section below.