9 Best BitTorrent Clients 2016 [ Torrent Client Software For Windows, Mac, Linux]


My previous article was on Best Torrent Sites that let you download movies, T.V. Shows, games, software and many other downloadable kinds of stuff. But visiting torrent sites won’t start the actual downloading, you would certainly require torrent client software to fetch information from downloaded torrent extension file and initiate the downloading process. 

Top 9 Best Torrent Clients software for Windows, Mac, and Linux

There exists torrent client software bundled with several features. Torrent Client’s actually peers to peer protocols where files transfer speed depends on a number of leechers and seeders.

1. uTorrent (Windows/MAC/Linux)


uTorrent is the best torrent client software developed officially by BitTorrent hence it’s most widely used torrent client software available for windows, Mac and Linux too. I’ve always used uTorrent to download my favorite movies and I must say the downloads processes at a pretty faster rate.

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The download manager lets you pause, resume, stop and organize all downloads in sequential order. uTorrent supports encrypted files, remote control feature, scheduling of downloads and port forwarding feature. uTorrent allows you to browse and download the official BitTorrent files too.

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You can download files either in groups or individually. The only bad thing about uTorrent is the amount of advertisements that come on the front page. This lightweight BitTorrent client comes with green colored user interface integrated with media playback support for streaming. uTorrent has been there for more than a decade and receives tons of traffic too.

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2. qBitTorrent


qBitTorrent is free open source cross platform lightweight software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. One of the best features of qBitTorrent is the ability to get configured to send e-mails when downloads are complete. Another cool feature is it’s file search option. You can search for files even by category from inside the app only.

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qBitTorrent supports web based remote controlling, port forwarding, IP filtering, and proxies too. Easy installation, Integrated torrent search engine and media player, encryption support and prioritization of torrents make qBitTorrent one of the best torrent clients.

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3. Transmission


Transmission, a lightweight and multipurpose torrent client software that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users. Transmission runs too quietly in the background with or without an interface. This is what makes Transmission most suitable torrent client software for servers, NAS boxes, HTPCs and other operating systems.
Transmission lets you automate your downloads and can be remotely controlled by any web client or through the terminal.
Transmission is most suitable option for Mac OS X users, whereas it’s distro-specific version is for Linux users. You can choose to get system notifications for your active as well as completed downloads. Like uTorrent and qBitTorrent, Transmission also supports scheduling of downloads, port forwarding, remote management and encryptions. Unfortunately, Transmission does not have proxy support but is compatible with Raspberry Pi, NAS, and other headless systems too.

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4. Deluge


Deluge resembles uTorrent from it’s UI. Deluge can be a great alternative to all other mentioned torrent client software because of its compatibility with numerous operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Windows, Mac OS X, Gentoo etc. Deluge’s powerful download format lets you download any file in a hassle-free way. Several plugins are available that adds extra functionalities to Deluge.
You can adjust downloading speed according to your network condition, moreover, it can be integrated with browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. Deluge is completely free cross-platform torrent client that supports features like encrypted downloads, private torrents, bandwidth scheduling, throttling, web-based remote management and proxy support. It’s highly customization software that can be managed remotely for free.

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5. Tixati


Tixati is relatively new and simple BitTorrent client. You can easily view downloads and manage them too and like other mentioned BitTorrent clients, Tixati supports IP filtering and event scheduling. You can easily install or uninstall Tixati, moreover, it’s simple and beautiful interface is best for beginners. The absence of remote management support might disappoint some torrent freaks.

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6. BitLord


Like Tixati, BitLord is best for both novice as well as advanced users. BitLord supports download for both torrent file and magnet URL. BitLord lets you create and add your personal or private torrent files The best part is integrated VLC media player to play the downloaded files. Unfortunately, BitLord is not available for mobile or smartphone devices.

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7. BitComet


A most versatile BitTorrent client that supports torrent downloads, HTTP as well as FTP downloads. BitComet resembles any download manager with very few ads on it. BitComet has a very poor interface but does what it says. The client supports magnetic link downloads and peer to peer sharing as well.

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8. Vuze



Vuze is another popular torrent client, earlier known as Azureon. Many geeks find it to be the most popular BitTorrent client that has all features expected from an ideal torrent client. Vuze comes in two different versions i.e.

  • Stripped-Back Vuze Leap
  • Full Fledged Vuze

You can extend it’s functionality by installing specific plugins and the software can be controlled remotely via web or mobile. The stripped back Vuze Leap is free but ad supported torrent client but the main app comes at $22.99 to $30 for one year. Overall it’s not bad, though.

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9. FileStream.me


FileStream works in a unique way where users upload a torrent file and then FileStream downloads all required content and then hosts them on their own servers. This allows FileStream registered users to directly download content through their browser.

FileStream is sometimes the fastest torrent client as it’s unique working overcomes all blockage and limitations implied by ISPs. But the sad point is FileStream comes in both free and paid version. Where the free version has limited transfer up to 1/3 TB for 3 days only.

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A Torrent client is an essential software that every torrent freak should have in his system. My favorite among these is off course uTorrent which I use to download torrent files for movies and songs from the top torrenting sites like kickass and extratorrent.cc.

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