5 Potential Places To Insert Google Adsense Ads [Best Ads Placement Guide]


Google Adsense is the ultimate way to monetize your website. Adsense serves various ad types, let that be banner ads, link ads, contextual ads, related content ads, video clip ads, text and image ads together.
So the potential of every ad to get clicked is different for different formats and ad types.

Like the link, ads performs best when placed on top navigation bar since the text link resembles menu bar. Similarly, horizontal banners are perfect for header bar of your site.

The performance of AdSense ads depends upon CTR( Click Through Rate) of your website.CTR locations are the places where site drives maximum exposure to the visitors and they tend to make more clicks on such locations.

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So increase your CRT, AdSense revenue will increase automatically. Google has released it’s official Google heatmaps to help publishers place AdSense ads at the best potential places.

Download the Google Adsense Heatmap analyze your site place ads accordingly.


You can notice the color difference in the AdSense heatmap image above, the light colored spots show places with low potential value while the darker areas signify the best Adsense ads placement.

5 Best Places To Insert Adsense Advertisements For Maximum CTR And Increase Revenue

Below are some tips to place your Adsense Ads to increase revenue. Most effective locations to place your Adsense ads include the navigation bar, header bar, sidebar, footer section and inside the content too, now let us dive in these locations individually.

Navigation Bar

Adsense Ads Placement Location # 1

This is the location that grabs users attention first so it is recommended to add link ads that have blended with your site’s theme or templates color. Visitors considers these text link as a new page title so these are more likely to be clicked by them.

Header bar

Adsense Ads Placement Location # 2

Another prominent location is the area beside your site’s logo or title .You’ll notice most of the famous blogs and websites have added 720×98 px banner ad in their header bar, even I have placed an ad there. If your theme or template supports adding a widget in header bar then you can insert Adsense ads easily. So banners ads of sizes 720×98 or 420×98 are perfect for header bars.


Adsense Ads Placement Location # 3

Adsense in the sidebar is common to all,you can place all kinds of ads here, text ads or image ads, of different size formats but mainly small rectangle ads of 300×250 , vertical banner ads of 600×300, or custom size ads according to space  available are the best ones.

I recommended you to place 300×250 (text and image ads) for better conversion since this ad site is compatible with your smartphone also.

Footer Section

Adsense Ads Placement Location # 4

Believe it or not, footer section also serves as one of the most potential ad places. So place a responsive ad in the footer section. if your theme /template supports footer widget then.

Inside the Content

Adsense Ads Placement Location # 5

Well, ads inside your posts bear the best results. You’ll see several sites having ads above the fold. After the first paragraph or at the end of the content. Ads above the fold yield high CTR value, thus more likely to be clicked.
You can also use a combination of link and Text or Image ads to get a better result.

Final Words

WordPress bloggers have great benefit in term of AdSense ads management since there come several absence plug-ins to help them place ads at the most potential and clickable faces.

Like the google’s official Adsense plugin automatically suggests  you the best places to insert ad codes. This plugin lets you customize ad placement individually for each page like for blog post, category page, for main page etc.
Moreover, the type of website also decides the best ads placement like for news sites, it is advisable the fold or even at the bottom.

Thus the entire discussion boils down to the fact that you need to analyze your site for highest CTR and Google Adsense Heatmap and then place ads according.