8 Best App Uninstaller For Mac To Uninstall Mac Apps Completely


It’s quite a daunting task when you try to uninstall any app or program but don’t worry there are some great uninstaller apps for mac that let you remove apps and programs in just a minute.In this post, I am featuring top 10 best uninstaller software which is easy to use, operate and comes at so price.

9 Best App Uninstaller For Mac OS To Delete Anything Permanently

Some programs and software’s have dominated this category like Appcleaner and Appdelete, which I believe is everyone’s favorite. An ideal uninstaller should have drag and drop app deletion, small footprints, widget and plugin uninstallation, etc.

1. App Cleaner

Best App Uninstaller For Mac #1
The best app and program uninstaller software developed by FreemaeSoft allows in just a single click.
When we try to uninstall any program manually, many temporary files gets stuck to the system which consumes unnecessary space of Hard Drive.
App cleaner finds all those files and deletes them permanently.

How To use App Cleaner

It’s pretty simple users, just drag and drop an application onto the App cleaner’s window, the software will automatically locate all files and then you will be able to delete them by clicking on delete button.
Even, if you want to delete any widget, then just drag and drop item the window.

2. AppZapper

Best App Uninstaller For Mac #2
A great alternative to  AppDelete, AppZapper comes with move features, as here you can filter out apps and then hit the delete button. The dark side is, it’s a premium software that costs $13. It’s simple and saves your time, that’s it. Although there is a similar drag and drop feature but Applapper does it smartly. Besides, deleting and uninstalling apps and programs, Applapper comes with a new Hitlist feature, that allows you to visually browse all apps, search, scroll and see all related files. There is a Zap button, when clicked, moves all selected apps to the trash instantly.

3. AppDelete

Best Uninstaller Apps for Mac #3
I believe AppDelete is an AppCleaner comes since it has a similar web interface and features. Like AppCleaner, this software can delete programs from mac, widget, preference planes, Plugins and screensavers along with all related files. Moreover, for some stubborn files which can’t be deleted easily, Appdelete has a force empty trash option.But unlike Appcleaner, Appdelete is a paid software that costs between $5.00 to $700, depending upon the version you are buying. However, you can use AppDelete as a trial version to find out how it works out for you.

4. Clean App

Best App Uninstaller For Mac #4
Clean App is the costliest uninstaller software for Mac, that costs $15 and is bundled with many features. Clean App goes an extra mile as it does mob that just uninstalling any Mac Apps. Before deleting files, you can take a look at apps and storage, the insight provided by the clean app, that shows number and size of temporary, log files, trash, app data, ios Backups, ios software, etc.
The best part about this expensive app uninstaller is, it keeps an eye over running programs and apps. Besides uninstalling apps, the clean app runs system maintenance scripts manually which eventually speeds up your system performance.
The clean app is also a great tool to scan and repair the Mac system files. The latest version of clean App is clean App 5, and system requirements are Mac with OS x10.8. Mountain lion or later, and MacOS sierra is also supported.

5.  Trash Me

Best App Uninstaller For Mac # 5
Again a simple uninstaller apps for mac, having simple drag and drop interface. Moreover, there is one special and unique feature that comes with TrashMe, a protection program that prevents accidental deletion of apps and data. You can remove junk files, OS  X caches, unnecessary apps and all related apps.

6. Clean Genius

Best App Uninstaller For Mac #6
Delete log files, preference, cache files and related components in just one click. Clean tenuous is a good alternative to Appcleaner that works on Mac with OSX 10.66 or later the program shows disk usage space in pie chart so you can easily evaluate which app is consuming a larger amount of data and speed. It has got positive reviews or App store.

7. Trash

Best Uninstaller Apps for Mac #7
Trash is quite a unique app uninstaller for Mac, that works on a special search algorithm known as ‘Levenshtein distance algorithm to find all related files and delete them. Trash works like a ghost in the background, moreover, its drag and drop feature makes easier for you to delete any particular app in one go. Besides deleting apps, you can also remove widgets and perpanes.

8. Amnesia

Best Uninstaller Apps for Mac #8
Similar to other mentioned mac uninstaller apps, Amnesia has a neat and simple interface. Development of Colnago software, Amnesia works on a drag and drop functionality. So if you’re looking for a handy tool that can uninstall apps, screensavers, caches, application support files, crash reports, preferences, logs, and temporary unwanted stuff than Amnesia is the best option.

So, guys, these were some of the best uninstaller apps for mac, strongly suggest you use Appcleaner, that works like charm; Hope this post was a little help for you.
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