9 Best AdSense Alternatives With Minimum Payouts [Even $1]


Best alternative to Google Adsense for all those bloggers who want the least threshold withdrawal balance limit. Here I am listing best Adsense alternatives for small blogs who hardly receive 1000 unique visitors a day. Personally, I believe Adsense is not for budding blogs and the reason being their minimum payout i.e. threshold balance of $100 and the CPC model. It takes a long time (maybe few months, 6 months and sometimes years) to reach the threshold amount.

And believe it or not but money is one of the most important motivating factors for new bloggers. When bloggers start making money, they start working more and that’s where their actual blogging cum entrepreneurial journey starts.

9 Best Google Adsense Alternatives With Minimum Payouts

Keeping in mind the minimum payouts and ease of serving ads, I have compiled a list of few best promising Adsense alternatives for websites with low traffic.

1. Qadabra


I believe it to be the ultimate google Adsense alternative for new blogs which does not receive much traffic. Formerly Quadra was branded as AdsGadget, specializes in performance based advertising. Qadabra offers multiple responsive ad formats like banner ads & slider ads. Account approval process is quick and it merely takes 30 seconds for ads to appear on your site. The best part that new bloggers gonna love is its minimum payout of $1.

2. Yllix Media


For high-quality ads with higher CPM and CTR rates, Yllix Media is a great AdSense alternative. The company specializes in offering pop-under ads, mobile redirects, slider ads, layer ads as well as full page ads. So choose any not these ad types according to the theme of your website and configure it accordingly.

  • Minimum Payout: Daily payments with a very small $1 payout minimum
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bank Wire, eZ Cash (Sri Lanka)
  • Yllix Media Homepage

3. eDomz


eDomz has been there since 2005 and known for serving high-value CPM ads. It’s advanced algorithm scans the content of your blog and shows relevant ads. Various ad types include contextual ads and pop-up ads. The pop-up ads let you make money without adding clutter to your site. eDomz claims to have more than 1000 advertisers in their list. For starters eDomz could be a great Adsense alternative that shows AdSense-like ads, pays on every 15 days even if your earning is below $10, so eDomz suits best for new blogs with lesser traffic moreover several customization tools are available for publishers to customize the size and looks of ads being served.

4. Kontera [Amobee]


Another big name in intext advertising market. Kontera is a great Adsense alternative that works on PPC or CPC model like AdSense so as a publisher you’ll earn only when any visitor clicks on ads. The best thing about intext ads is that no extra advertising space is required for the placement. You can customize ads look and feel to match the theme of your blog. Even you can set the frequency of intext links for each page. Kontera could be a great alternative over infolink or viglink. The payments are made on every 30 days usually at the end of the month.

5. Pop My Ads


Just like Pop Ads, Pop My Ads also specializes in pop-under ads, that accepts publishers from all countries. The new account gets approved within an hour so you can easily get the dashboard access. It’s the only ad program on this list that can be used to monetize the adult site but make sure to check their terms and conditions. It takes about 1-7 business days for processing of payment.

6. PopAds


As the name suggests, PopAds specializes in pop under ads. PopAds claim to offer $4 a day to a site that receives about 1000 unique visitors per day. PopAds is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for budding bloggers. As a publisher, you can set a minimum bid that you would accept from advertisers. And one of the greatest benefits is that you can request payment of your revenue anytime. PopAds serves quite relevant and geo-targetted ads so publishers from all countries can use their service. It’s performance based ad brings good revenue, publishers can even request for payment on a daily basis, thus it is much better than Adsense.

7. Chitika


Chitika is for new websites with lesser traffic as well as for well-established sites. The reason I have mentioned Chitika in this list is because of their minimum payout option i.e. $10. Chitika has been widely used by over 300 K publishers worldwide and their search targetted ads are quite relevant. But for new websites with less or no organic traffic, I would recommend using Chitika’s custom created ad blocks. Since search targetted ads will work only when visitors come via search engine referral. Sign up for Chitika, create custom codes and place it on your website. Various ad formats are available, you can even use banner ads, pop-unders, pop-up ads, vertical banners or link ads.

8. Pop Cash


Pop Cash is exclusive pop-under ad service that offers higher CPM pop under ads. Publishers from any country and any website traffic can get their account approved quickly. Pop-under ads are also well optimized mobile devices.

9. BidVertiser


Another great Adsense alternative for both budding bloggers as well as established ones. Bidvertiser is a unique platform for both publishers and advertisers where the later bid for ad placement on the sites  where they want their ads to appear on. Bidvertiser offers a point and clicks ad builder tool which you can use to customize the look and feel of ads. Bidvertiser offers both clicks and conversion based ads which are available in different formats like text ads, banner ads, mobile ads and slider ads. If your blog has great quality content and a great design too then go for Bidvertiser. Best of luck, hope you may get the highest bid for your blog.


So Guys if you are really that serious to make money first I would suggest you to start writing quality posts under single niche and then monetize your blog. You could read my article on How To Create A Niche Blog Like A Pro to get a better insight on make money blogging. I assume you are a WordPress blogger or if not then go buy a WordPress hosting from services like DreamHost and start a WordPress blog now where you will get tons of features.

So this was the great list of top Adsense alternatives with minimum payouts suitable for blogs with low traffic. They might be offering low CPM rates but their payment options are much better than other AdSense alternatives. I believe you must use a combination of various ad programs and ad formats to get maximum results.