7 Best Meme Generator App (Android & iOS)


Hunting for the right meme generator app is a wearisome task, luckily I got some best ones that work great. Memes have become a trend now and netizens are using it everywhere be it facebook messaging, facebook comments. Facebook fan page, Twitter, WhatsApp and almost in every social network. 

Best Meme Generator Apps For Android And iOS Platform

Memes are the perfect alternative to long text and so it goes viral on social media so quickly. Although there are countless memes online but the actual fun is creating your own memes and spreading it everywhere so to help you create memes I have compiled a list of best meme generator apps for android and iOS.

Instameme- All Time Best


Free and easy to use meme generator app equipped with WYSIWYG editor. Texts can be added in various fonts and colors. With more than thousand meme templates, Instameme app serves as the best meme generator for android.

Download Instameme From Google Play Store



Another free meme generator app that has a massive collection of funny and unique meme templates. You can add texts according to your requirements. This is available on both android and iOS platform.

Download Mematic Android App From Google Play Store

Meme Creator


Simple and basic meme generator app that comes with around 600 templates. Adding text is easy and the biggest advantage is the font and color option for the texts. Meme creator comes exclusively for android phones and free to use.

Download Meme Creator Android App From Google Play Store



Most powerful app for sending animated GIF memes to your Facebook friends, groups, and Facebook timeline. It also serves as GIF meme generator app. Available for all iPhone and iPad users for free.

Download GIFJAM for iphone and iPad

Meme Crunch

meme-crunch-meme generator app-to-generate-memes-online

Best meme generator app for iphone or Mac users, Meme Crunch is quite easy to use and comes with tons of preloaded meme templates. The huge collection of images comes in different categories and varieties. Just think of your favorite quotations, expressions or witty sayings and add it to the most relevant template.

ZomboDroid Meme Generator

zombodroid-meme generator app

This premium meme generator app is worth trying especially if you wanna use/generate memes too frequently. Zombodroid app is equipped with over 700 meme templates and even you can add your own images. Unfortunately, this app costs you $2.99 which is a big sum by the way. ZomboDroid meme generator comes only for android platform as of now.

Download ZomboDroid MemeGenerator Android App From Google Play Store

GATM Meme Generator

gatm-meme generator app-to-create-memes-free-android-app

One of the best most effective and meme generator app for android that comes in both free and paid version. The free  version adds watermark on each meme you create. You can choose templates from it’s categorized gallery or else upload your own photo. It’s best and simple meme generator app available to Android users.

Download GATM Meme Generator Android App From Google Play Store

Final Verdict:

Well, my personal choice is Instameme, which I keep using to create memes but you can try any of the listed meme generator apps and let me know your experiences.