10 Best Free Website Monitoring Services To Detect Performance


Maximum up-time, minimum downtime, and complete website monitoring is a goal of every webmaster. Its really important to keep analyzing  your site’s performance like its up-time, downtime, response time and load speed since these are one of the most important factors for a successful site,especially if you are running an online business.

How These Website Monitoring Tools Work?

These uptime checking tools check your site frequently, like once per minute and send you email and SMS notification in case your site gets down. This service sends HTML and status error code. Some of the listed up-time checking tools below are premium, but it is really worth having them, especially if your site is the backbone of your business.


pingdom monitoring services

Pingdom is definitely most used website monitoring and up-time checking tools being used by more than 700,000+ users including the top companies in the world like Apple, google, Dell, hp computers pinintrest , amazon etc. Pingdom offers real time up-time monitoring, users monitoring, transaction monitoring, reliable root cause analysis, incident management and APl.

You can start with 14 days free trail and then upgrade to premium account ping Dom 5 different plans

  • Starter plan – & 13. 95/month
  • Standard plan-& 42. 95/month
  • Advanced – & 82. 95/month
  • Professional – & 229.00/month
  • Enterprises – & 454.00/ month

Notification- Email, SMS, push alerts  via  iphone pingdom comes with a free iphone app and so it offers the one free account – in which you can monitor the site and set alert’s (20 maximum) per month.

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Uptime Robot

uptime robot website monitoring services

Uptime Robot is completely free website monitoring tool that lets you monitor up to 50 sites, and the alerts one sent via e-mail, downtime and response times as well.

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Monitor-us website monitoring services

Monitoring uptime, response time, server health and network performance gets easier with the monitor. Us as a free account you can monitor I site and set the alert in via I m, SMS, E-mail, RSS etc. Monitor, us checks your site every 30 minutes, that it a unique website monitoring service.

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Internet seer


Internet seer is the world largest website monitoring service, with more than 1.7 million sites to monitor.  Some web master complaints that internet seer does excessive email marketing and then it has some negative image in the industry. As a free account, you can monitor 1 site which gets checked every hour. The alerts are sent over email, and SMS.

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With the free account of uptrends, you can monitor 1 site that is checked in every 30 minutes.  Uptrends do not send any email alerts or SMS, but you can set the update on your site only. All you have to do is to embed the button on your site, and on clicking the button a report will be generated.

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Basic state


Basic state is one of the best monitoring tools that lets you monitor an unlimited number of sites and set the alerts via email or SMS, Basic state checks web status every to generated a daily up-time report as well.

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Monistic is an open source website monitoring service that suits best for American sites. As a free account, you can monitor up to 3 sites and set alerts via email, RSS and widgets. Monastic constantly check your site in every 30 minutes.

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Are my sites up

are my sites up

Are my sites up is a unique website monitoring tool which offers both free and premium monitoring service with the free account the site lets you check 5 sites and alerts are and by unlimited email and SMS notification. In the case of any downtime, the Html error starter is sent.

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Site 24*7


Once of the best premium website monitoring service does offer a free basic program in which websites can be monitored. The monitoring the monitoring frequency once an hour and alerts are sent over email.

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100 pulse

100pulse.com website monitoring services

100 pulse is yet another useful. a monitoring tool that allows 2 sites to monitor and sends alerts via email, RSS, and a Google gadget. There is a premium service also which performance fan much better than the free one.

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Almost all of the website monitoring tools are best at their points and their suitability depends upon your requirement. It would be a wiser decision to go for any premium website monitoring services which will never disappoint you. Since this premium website monitoring services offers instant support any issues so better choose wisely.